# Testing Pinch SDK with a physical or virtual beacon

This page describes testing the Pinch SDK intallation with a beacon.

Any virtual beacon app may be used, for an instance

It is preffered to use Android - as you may set up Eddystone settings as well.

To test Pinch SDK set up a beacon with the following configuration:

  • UUID: 55FF336E-DF4B-46C5-A49D-7403A537A109
  • Minor: 2
  • Major: 99
  • Eddystone EID: Enabled (Android)
  • TLM: Enabled (Android)

The beacon should run on another phone than the app with Pinch SDK. After triggering the beacon you should receive a notifivation in your app.

It is preffered to use an Android Phone for testing. You may then turn on Eddystone, EID and TLM Data.