# Add PinchSDK

# Prerequisites

The following criterias must be fulfilled to implement the SDK:

  • Minimum iOS target: 9.0
  • Minimum Android SDK version: 15
  • Minimum Android compile version: 31
  • Java 8+
Latest Update Current Stable Release
March 7, 2022 1.1.32

# Initialize SDK


Privacy dashboard and other metadata collection may not work as expected if API key is missing.

# Install Plugin

You can install packages from the command line with cordova:

$ cordova plugins add cordova-plugin-pinch --variable API_KEY=[API_KEY]

If you need to change your APP_KEY after installation, it's recommended that you remove and then re-add the plugin as above. Note that changes to the APP_KEY value in your config.xml file will not be propagated to the individual platform builds.