# Add PinchSDK

# Prerequisites

The following criterias must be fulfilled to implement the SDK:

  • Minimum iOS target: 9.0
Latest Update Current Stable Release
August 09, 2021 2.2.0

# Install PinchSDK NuGet

  1. Add NuGet source: https://pkgs.dev.azure.com/fluxloopas/PinchSDK/_packaging/PinchSDK/nuget/v3/index.json
  2. Add Pinch.Sdk.iOS to your project

# Initialize SDK


Privacy dashboard and other metadata collection may not work as expected if API key is missing.

In your applications AppDelegate.cs FinishedLaunching, add the following method calls. Please note that there is a bug present in the current build which requires the ApiKey to be set twice to be applied.

# Background modes

Add bluetooth-central to your applications background modes. This allows us to scan for eddystone data without having access to users location.