# Usage

# Pinch


References to PinchSDK can be imported with: using PinchSDK.

# Available consents

# Granting consents

# Revoking consents

Revoking a consent requires an active network connection. The revoke method accepts an optional closure which returns if the given consents were successfully revoked.

# Requesting bluetooth permission

A convenience method to trigger bluetooth permission dialog is provided:

# Retrieve granted consents


IDFA/ADID can be passed to PinchSDK by calling:

# Start SDK

An overloaded method accepts a list of providers to use for collection data.


The SDK will remember that it has been started, and subsequent calls to is unneccessary. If user clears or deletes app data, start has to be called again.

# Stop SDK

An overloaded method accepts a list of providers to disable for collecting data. If all previously granted providers are removed, SDK will be stopped.

# Retrieve SDK status

You can check if the SDK is started by calling:

# Send demographic profile

You can send your users demographic profile to the Pinch Platform by calling:

# Send custom data

You can send custom data to the Pinch Platform by calling:

# Send metadata


This method performs a PUT request, replacing any previous values sent with the same type.

You can send metadata to the Pinch Platform by calling:

# Push tokens

MessagingId is the ID used by the Pinch Platform for sending notifications to the device (eg. FCM registration id). This can be done by calling:

# Retrieve privacy dashboard URL

The URL for the privacy dashboard, which contains all collected data for given consent, can be retrieved by calling:

# Deleted collected PII & data

You can delete all PII and collected data about a user by calling this method. It requires an active internet connection and accepts a lambda expression to verify if the request was successfully sent.