# Permissions

# Required permissions

The following permissions are automatically merged into your applications manifest:

Permission Reason Type Required
INTERNET Required to access the internet Install-time Yes
BLUETOOTH Required to access the bluetooth adapter Install-time Yes
BLUETOOTH_ADMIN Required to initiate bluetooth discovery Install-time Yes
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION Required to perform a bluetooth scan Runtime Yes
ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION Required on Android 10+ to perform scanning in background Runtime Yes
ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION Required to detect when the user transitions between activities (eg. walking to running) Runtime No
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED Required to restart the SDK automatically when device is rebooted Install-time Yes
FOREGROUND_SERVICE Required for special use cases, where a foreground notification will be used to keep the app alive for a short period Install-time No

# Request required permissions

Although most of the permissions are granted automatically by the system upon installation, a few of them must be explicitly requested from the user on runtime. These are marked as runtime on the table above.

Please consult with us to prepare a proper onboarding process to receive as many permission grants as possible.